Protect your vehicle from the weather with an overhead covering.

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An inclosed metal garage is the ultimate way to protect your vehicle from all outdoor conditions.

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Metal Shed

Backyard metal workshops and sheds can help protect tools and outdoor yard supplies.

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Outdoor residential structures such as carports, garages and sheds are more durable and will last longer when they are constructed using metal on a solid concrete foundation. Often times, wood is used as an alternative to metal because it is cheaper and can be faster to construct. However, wood simply does not withstand the weather as well as metal does. Wood can rot and decay from the weather over the years, which obviously weakens the structural integrity of the structure. Metal structures also have a more permanent and professional appearance and can last for hundreds of years.

Even if you build your structure using metal, there are different types of metal with varying degrees of strength. For instance, some carports are made out of aluminum. Aluminum is a weaker metal that can support a smaller structure such as a carport or a small tool shed, but larger structures such as a garage should be made of a stronger metal such as steel. A steel building can withstand a much stronger load of weight for larger structures.



Once you've decided where you want to start building your metal structure, the next step is to start prepping the land for the construction of your structure. If there are any trees or stumps in the area, you will want to contact a tree removal company to come out and fully remove the tree and/or the remaining stump. It is especially important that the stump is ground down below the level of the ground. Even trees that are just nearby where the structure is planned to be built may need to be removed if they are going to be too close. Roots from trees can often times lead to foundation issues, so this will need to be taken into account. At the very least you may want your tree service company to just trim back any nearby tree limbs to make sure they will not obstruct the construction of your structure.

After you've removed any trees, stumps or other miscellaneous debris, you will want to make sure you grade the area of land properly for rain runoff and drainage. This will also help provide a flat surface for a level foundation for your metal structure. This can be done with a small bobcat or other land-moving machine that can help to even out the ground where the structure will be built.


My father has always been somebody who has worked with his hands. He started out early in his adulthood as a painter, painting homes and ended up starting his own residential painting company in Midland, TX. Unfortunately, after the oil boom had busted and people stopped buying homes and stopped renovating homes, his business went under and he moved out to Dallas-Fort Worth to find work. He landed a job working for a contractor who refurbished department stores, then worked for a cabinet maker and finally as an adjustable bed repair technician. I explain all of this to say that I was taught work ethic from a young age by my father. I took that work ethic and invested it in starting my own company which would be one of the top metal building construction companies in Texas.

I started my business small just begging for work and eventually grew it to 7 figures within 3 years. This did not come easy. It took quite a bit of work and long hours to get me to the point where I am now. Every time I think about where I started, I can't help but think about my father and his work ethic that he instilled in me early on. I give him all the credit for my success.